Jan. 17th, 2007

Sole food

Jan. 17th, 2007 10:41 pm
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I have already gotten behind on my recipes. Last weekend I decided to cook a seafood chowder. The starts with a trip to J.P. Morgan's seafood shop at the marketplace in Alameda. The sole looked good and I also bought a quarter pound of medium peeled shrimp. When I got home, I discovered that they had given me three fillets of sole instead of the two I had ordered. So conveniently, that will lead to the second recipe below. It is no longer summer, so we do not have fresh corn. I tried using creamed corn as an alternative; but, the soup turned out a little too sweet. In the future, I would not bias cut the carrots, but cook them perpendicularly. The carrots for a little larger than necessary.

Seafood chowder )

I decided to make as salad with the leftover sole. I had fun breading the sole, which I had never done before. I created an egg wash, and used a combination of Japanese panko and leftover bread crumbs from a sourdough loaf of bread that I had baked. The salad was okay, I don't think the sole had enough taste to stand up to the salad greens and the light salad dressing. Probably, a heftier fish would work better. I had planned on using a carrot, we of hundreds of carrots, but I forgot. Those lucky carrots, will never get rid of them.

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